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4 Feb

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My January Vellvette Box

2 Feb

I know its pretty late for this post… but well.

I got my January Vellvette Box last week. Have a look at what it had. :)

The January Vellvette Box

The January Vellvette Box

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BeautyWidBrainz Giveaway!

2 Feb

Ms. BeautyWidBrainz, Hina crossed 200,000 Page views on her blog and 300 likes on her Facebook and is hosting a giveaway! :)

beautywidbrainz giveaway

beautywidbrainz giveaway


Go check it out here! :)

Read about my brand new Haul here. :D

Getting back on the blog finally! And the Huge Hauls! :D

1 Feb

Yes. The Weddings are over and have been over since quite a while now and I am starting to get used to the married life situation. I am going to get back to blogging about my exploits and giving deep insights to all of you regarding what I find interesting.

And that brings us to this post. The pre- and post-wedding hauls. In one post these might seem HUGE! But well, enjoy the pics. :)



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Quick and Final wedding post

30 Dec

I haven’t blogged a lot this month. I am afraid this will remain the case for a few more weeks. Planning and making a wedding happen is a huge task, apparently. Today I wanted to quickly blog about the wedding.



To plan the wedding properly, I researched and found a list of things that might have to be done from here. Then I set about adding these to a google spreadsheet and assigning to people: me, the dude and my brother.

There were around 65 appropriate items in the list and with 6 days left to the wedding, there are a few left.

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Review: Inglot YSM Cream Foundation

19 Dec

Hi!! Remember me?

I know. I know. Sorry for being MIA for a so long! There was just a lot to do personally and professionally. All those are being dealt with and some have been already done and forgotten. So… onto the review…

Today’s review is on my favorite foundation EVER! Of late I have become a minor Inglot-freak. Inglot, as a brand, is a much cheaper option to high-end products. The quality of all the products I have used so far is top class and they tempt me to buy more and more stuff from the brand. Keep reading for the actual review…


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My MAC Haul (In the name of the wedding)

8 Dec

It’s always nice to shop. Its really nice to shop in the name of the wedding.

I finally booked a MUA for the wedding. She is from MAC. (And Boy! Is she pretty!)
I went to her work place to give her the advance and couldn’t not be tempted and this happened.

Here are some pictures.


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